Purpose & Responsibilities:

The International Center for Professional Development, in partnership with biotechnology industry sponsors, will host a training session for the 2016 Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program for Biotechnology, (SMDP Biotech).

The year-long mentoring program brings together diverse graduate students and postdocs for a professional development training experience June 4-9, 2016 in San Francisco, CA.  SMDP Biotech Scholars will be paired with industry mentors from biotechnology companies.  After attending training workshops, each Scholar/Mentor team will attend a major biotechnology industry convention.  They work together for one year after the event to carry out a personalized mentoring plan that helps prepare the SMDP Biotech Scholars for careers in the biotechnology industry.

The Outreach & Planning Committee is Responsible for:

  • Raising awareness of the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program for Biotechnology (SMDP Biotech)
  • Planning the SMDP Biotech Training Session
  • Developing a timeline for all Scholar and Mentor activities
  • Identifying and providing suggestions for program content
  • Recruiting SMDP Biotech Scholars and Mentors
  • Suggesting and recommending speakers
  • Providing oversight for Scholar selection
  • Inviting special guests to attend and participate in the SMDP Biotech Training Session
  • Promoting the “Celebration of Mentoring & Diversity in Biotech” reception by inviting guests to attend
  • Program evaluation and reporting results to sponsor companies and to the public
  • Promoting workforce diversity in the bioechnology industry

Who Serves on the SMDP MedTech Outreach & Planning Committee:

  • A designated chairperson
  • Up to two staff representatives from each program sponsor organization
  • Key San Francisco area stakeholders from collaborating organizations such as universities, associations, government agencies
  • Former SMDP Biotech Scholars
  • Elisabeth Freeman, President, ICPD
  • Scott May, Executive Director, Executive Director, ICPD
  • Dustie Savage, Programs Manager, ICPD

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